The best photo ever.

The best photo ever.

How those people with like 2k followers on Instagram that only getting 50 likes. We see what you doin mf


So you think YOU have lock?

Yeah but my car has a front end


So you think YOU have lock?

Yeah but my car has a front end


Hello Kitty Hotel Rooms



when people are really rude and douchey and everyone still loves them


I am that guy 😚

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If I don’t love me who else will.

I need both of these pecky

I’m like your number one fan

Got no sexy car ones left but I had some silhouette face! 😚

Reasons im going 4a turbo in my trueno. Sounds amazing


Stone Hearts - Nothing Seems To Change

This has taken quite a fair bit of time to finally come into fruition but my band Stone Hearts has released what could be considered our “debut” EP I guess. 6 songs that I’m (surprisingly) not sick of after about a year of playing them. Anyone who has come and seen us in the last year has probably heard all of these songs already but I’m glad to finally get this out for everyone else to hear. Thank you for anyone who has supported us and to Josh Howes at Death’s Grip Records for releasing it on cassette (and for his description of the ep/insight into a confronting experience in his life…..fuck).

Anyway, we are playing with Basement at The Lab on Saturday so if you live in Brisbane and are attending make sure you come out early and see us play the EP in full. Hope you enjoy it :)